Jaermann & Stübi watches are equipped with the newly developed and particularly durable Caliber A10-2 movement which has a power reserve of 42 hours. The movement has a center-driven second hand and can be wound either manually or automatically. Belonging to the chronometer class, it is borne by 25 jewels with shock absorbers.

Golf Counter

The heart of the new complication, the mechanical counter, is a recently patented invention. There is one counter for strokes per hole, a second counter to keep track of total strokes per game, and a retrograde counter to display holes played. A secured pusher resets the first counter automatically and the counters can all be reset when the game is finished. The sophisticated design of the complication can be compared with that of a chronograph.

Shock Absorber

One shouldn’t play golf with a mechanical watch unless that watch is a Jaermann & Stübi. Our watches have the special shock absorber developed for the game of golf, which protects the inner mechanisms of the watch against strokes and impact. This patent pending innovation was developed and tested with golf professionals. The Shock¬≠Guard is visible through the back made of scratch¬≠proof sapphire glass. The back is hermetically attached to the case by six screws. The watch case itself is waterproof up to a depth of 100 meters.

1200° C

The Spanish Open is part of the PGA European Tour and was won by Seve Ballesteros with 274 strokes (14 under par). The irons 2 to 9 that he played as well as the Pitching Wedge and Sand Wedge have been transformed into 50 watch cases for the "Seve Ballesteros II" limited series. The sophisticated, multi-phase process was developed in collaboration with the best metallurgic specialists. First, the club heads had to be analyzed to obtain an alloy that met the requirements for a watch case and facilitated cavity-free casting. After extensive testing, the clubs were divided into portions and melted, so that a cast piece was obtained from each club, so that the clubs could later be matched with the watch cases. Subsequently, the cast pieces were forged into watch cases at a temperature of roughly 1200° C. 

The Strap

The Jaermann & Stübi watch straps are crafted with the same meticulous care and high quality as the watch itself. The straps are made of leather or rubber. To delay the aging of leather straps in high temperatures and high humidity, the inner lining is made of a special moisture-absorbing leather.